Monday, February 2, 2009

He would be sixteen

He would be 16 years old tomorrow.  Except he's not.  He never took his first breath.  I would be taking him to get his drivers license. I would be worried about his safety, about him wrecking my car, about him driving too fast, about the music being to loud and distracting. Except I'm not.

It's amazing to think back about our excitement of his coming birth. We tried so long and hard to get pregnant. Spent thousands on infertility medicine, Dr's visits, and procedures. It took many attempts over 5 years and finally she was pregnant. On June 1, 1992 we got the news. I called my Dad and told him - we both wept in our happiness on the phone.

Thirty nine weeks later he was born.  But not like we dreamed. Vasa Previa took his life. We were shocked and very upset. In my anger, I punched a hole in the Dr's wall. Not a great response, but it was how I felt.

God sustained my wife and I through it all. He'll do it again, I'm sure. Now I look forward to seeing him in Heaven.

Brandon - I love you and miss you.


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CBPARIS said...

What a beautiful and poignant tribute to your son! Thank you. I also lost a son to vasa previa. He would be 12 and 1/2 now. I still miss him. Every moment of every day. You're right; there is a better way. (sniff)

Mum to Nathan Elliot Paris ^i^

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